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Samsung ChatON Follow2win

Follow2win is a campaign for ChatON app users to use the Follow feature, which lets them receive updates from partners (brands and news channels). Every three days a Challenge will unlock, with a question and the answer can be found by checking the particular partner page. The campaign ran for Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, in three languages.

The web app was meant to used mainly on mobile and tablet web browsers. It was built with responsive HTML/CSS, animations had to be all in CSS, icons in SVG, and minimal DOM rewrites maximum for performance. Handlebars.js helped with the latter, writing only after getting and handling the data with custom helpers.

Check out the style.css and script.js files (if you're into that kind of thing).


After a user logs in with their Facebook account, they will see a list of Challenges. Answered Challenges will appear grayed out and badges reflecting if they answered correctly or received the time or share bonuses. Upcoming Challenges appear with a countdown timer to when it will be unlocked.


Users get the score for getting it correct. The time bonus is earned when they answered within three days of being unlocked. If the user shares successfully on Facebook (didn't cancel the share dialog) they will get the share bonus as well.


Tapping on the icon slides open the offcanvas menu, which also shows their name and photo (from Facebook) and their points earned so far.